Cantiñas (intro, falseta, ending, 5 pages scores)

"Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. My name is Juan Gomez but in the music world they call me Chicuelo. In this Cantiñas class we will concentrate on falsetas in the Cantiñas key which is C. Afterwards we will slowly go through the different parts. I‘m going to repeat the Cantiñas falseta slowly so you can better see and understand. Enjoy."


Replay as often as you like, anytime, anywhere, any device
Slow speed and normal speed, close-ups
Video: Spanish spoken, English subtitles
5 A4 pages music sheets and tabs
High quality audio
Multi-camera views
High quality audio
Latest, awesome streaming technology


"Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, depending when you're watching. My name is Juan Gomez, but in the music world, as well as at home, they call me Chicuelo. It's a pleasure for me to collaborate in these videos and bring what I can. I'm going to demonstrate several palos divided into music for soloists and for dancing. I'll play 2 or 3 falsetas for each palo and some for dancing. I will show you several variations at normal and again at slower speed so that you can better see and understand...hope you love my guitar classes".


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