Arpeggio Technique Pack (+ El Gallo Azul CD arpegio)

"Hi, I’m Gerardo Nuñez and now we are going to learn and pratice arpegios. All exercises are shown with numbers on the video as well as on the included tabs and sheet music. We will start with the easiest, the most natural arpegio, one bass and three notes, next we continue playing this in a reverse order and then playing the 2 together. When this is played fast, you’ll be surprised and think you’re hearing more notes than you acutally play, but it’s just this same, wonderful arpegio technique. After this, I will show you a 2 notes only arpegio and also an index - middle–index–ring finger combination which you can use in any chord sequence you like. Once you have have mastered these arpegios, we will change the order to middle–ring–index fingers and combine them. After this I will demonstrate my arpeggio combinations that I often play in my concert pieces using middle–index–ring finger combinations, starting with middel finger. Next I will show you how to add a ligado to these arpegios and slowly repeat the individual groups with and without the ligado. I will also learn you a great exercise to train the strength of the index finger with barré grips. Barrés are very helpful to strengthen the index finger and increasing the spread while practicing the arpegios in a fun way at the same time. Finally I will learn you some really wonderful arpegios for Bulería, my famous Granaína arpegio from my first record El Gallo Azúl and a Seguiriya arpegio ideally for accompanying dance. I hope my arpegio classes are a great, inspiring and enjoyable value for you. Thank you! Let's start".


Replay as often as you like, anytime, anywhere, any device
Intensive long HQ full screen video, slow speed and normal speed, close-ups
Video Spanish spoken, English subtitles
13 A4 pages music sheets and tabs
Includes French and German subtitles as documents
High quality audio
Latest, awesome streaming technology


Gerardo Núñez Díaz was born in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, in 1961 and is one of the most important guitarist that this land has ever given birth to. Growing up in Jerez de la Frontera, he listened to flamenco and also to American rock and jazz. He studied at the Cátedra de Flamencología (Flamencology School) in Jerez before moving to Madrid, where he worked with various dancers, including the Mario Maya Dance Company, where he met dancer Carmen Cortés, who became his wife. After touring with Paco Cepero around Japan and passing on from Mario Mayas´ company, to which Rafael Riqueni and Paco Jarana also belonged, Gerardo didn´t take long to form an artistic partnership with his wife, the dancer Carmen Cortés. Soon he went to live in Madrid. It was here that his relationship with jazz began in the eighties, when he collaborated with Dave Thomas, José Antonio Galicia, Tomás San Miguel and Paquito D´Rivera. His first record arrived in 1988 and was entitled El Gallo Azul. Thanks to this he gained a fixed place in, not only at flamenco festival but also in guitar festivals worldwide.In 1989 he recorded Flamencos en Nueva York, which served to consolidate him at the apex of flamenco guitar playing. Three years later he inaugurated the Flamenco Guitar Seminar in Jerez, although he only spent one year there, as by the following edition he had moved to Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Gerardo has been in demand from personalities outside the world of flamenco music, to record albums for Plácido Domingo, Teresa Berganza, Joaquín Sabina, Víctor Manuel, Julio Iglesias, Ana Belén, Isabel Pantoja, Antonio Carbonell, Rocío Jurado, Azúcar Moreno, Rosario, Los Chichos and Los Manolos, Mecano. He produced and accompanied the Indio Gitano and created his own record company, having the same name as his first record and with which he produced his album Jucal. His record, Calima, was recorded in the United States in 1988 with the collaboration of jazz musicians such as Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci and the Armenian percussionist Arto Tuncboyaciyan. From then on Gerardo hasn´t stopped interchanges with jazz through the New York Flamenco Reunion. In 2001 he collaborated with Israel Galván in the production of a show which has given rise to great expectation from enthusiasts, as Gerardo Núñez, is, as they say in the 'jondo´ forums, the born successor of Paco de Lucía. His last edited work was the accompaniment of the singer Carmen Linares in her record Un ramito de locura. In 2002 and 2004, he won the Giraldilla award for best flamenco guitarist at the Bienal de Flamenco. His latest album is "Logos with Ulf Wakenius".

Gerardo Núñez

"Hi, I’m Gerardo Nuñez and I’d like to introduce you to my musical world and ideas. We’re going to take a close look at different kinds of studies, picados, arpeggio variations and many other thechniques necessary to gain mastery of the guitar. I want to show you how I practice at home and what you need to work on so that you’ll no longer need to think about the instrument while you’re playing, but can concentrate completely on expressing yourself through your ideas and performance. We’ll also talk about some of my own compositions, some that are in my current repertoire and others off earlier recordings. I’ll be accompanied by Ricardo Espinosa (percussion) and Leonor Moro (palmas). This way, you’ll hear the rhythm clearly and better understand how the falsetas are developed. I’m looking forward to your visit in my world, with my music and my guitar.. Thank you!”.

Gerardo Nuñez

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