All-in-one offer Pepe Habichuela (16 video classes, 108 scores)

"Hi, my streaming bundle 'La guitarra Flamenca' offers you all my flamenco guitar classes including all sheet music and tabs. Replay as often as you like anytime, anywhere, use for life".



8 VIDEO CHAPTERS (16 videos): Soleares, Alegría, Fandango de Huelva, Bulerías, Taranta, Soleá por Bulerías, Tangos and an unpublished version of his famous rumba 'A Mandeli'. A truly fascinating selection of reproduceable compositions from one of the great masters of the flamenco guitar.

108 A4 PAGES SHEET MUSIC AND TABS: Authentic transcriptions, written by Bruno Jundt (Encuentro Productions)

Spanish spoken, English subtitles
Normal and slow speed
Multicamera views showing simultaneously the left and right hand
Ricardo Espinosa and Salva del Realin accompany all the rhythmical palos (palmas and cajon)



José Antonio Carmona Carmona, Pepe Habichuela, is born in 1944 in Granada, in the heart of one of the most prestigious gypsy families in the world of flamenco 'Los Habichuela’. Grandson of 'Habichuela el Viejo’, son of uncle 'José Habichuela' and brother of Juan, Luis and Carlos Habichuela. No doubt Pepe is one of the most gifted flamenco guitarists of his time, already performing in the legendary tablao 'Torres Bermejas' in Madrid at an age of 20, accompanying the Marchenas, Valderrama, Camarón and Enrique Morente. He belongs to the generation of pure and earthy flamencos being a leader, an authority in the accompaniment of singing. His contemporaries are Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Morente, Sanlúcar…all paving the way for the young flamencos today and encouraging the enormous popularity enjoyed nowadays. Pepe learned flamenco guitar from Sabicas and Mario Escudero and provides a very personal and persuasive influence, hence his compas and sensitivity, to his son and nephews (Ketama), Raimundo Amador and José Soto 'Sorderita’. Pepe was the first flamenco artist that could record for 'Nuevos Medios’ which distributed his first album 'A Mandeli’ worldwide. His second CD 'Habichuela en rama' was produced in collaboration with his son José Miguel Carmona. When Pepe, in 1982, participates in the tribute to maestro Sabicas in the unique setting of the Gayarre theatre in Pamplona Spain, the city dedicates its fiesta ‘ anfermines' to Pepe rewarding him with the gold medal. In 2001 his 3rd album 'Yerba Güena’ made history. Recorded in Bangalore (India), Barcelona and Madrid with the collaboration of the Indian orchestra 'The Bollywood Strings’, the famous 'Yerba Güena’ album represents the solemnization of an old chimera...the natural, roots driven, historical fusion between flamenco and classical music of India.

Pepe Habichuela

"Hi, my name is José Antonio Carmona Carmona, Pepe Habichuela. I'm going to demonstrate you how to play my favorite compositions of my concert performances. I'm going to do it at normal and slow speed so that you can see it better. Hope you love my classes. Thank you".

Pepe Habichuela

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