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"Hi, my streaming bundle 'Técnicas esenciales de la guitarra flamenca' offers you the same, even simpler experience as if you are watching my DVD with the complete book, a truly impressive learning experience. Replay as often as you like anytime, anywhere, no membership fee, use for life".



11 VIDEO CHAPTERS (28 full screen HQ videos): Posture, fingers and nails. Picado pack: coordination, exercises and fast picados. Arpegio pack: alternating and double arpegio. Alzapua. Alternating Arpegio with Picado. Rasgueados and Tremolo. Pa'Pura (Guajira CD composition). Alegrias del Kiki (CD composition). Tocando el Cielo (Taranta CD composition). Extras (interview, tips and concert performances).

142 A4 PAGES SHEET MUSIC AND TABS: Authentic transcriptions, written by Max Herzog, approved by Niño De Pura, preface, biography, glossary and credits.

Spanish spoken, English subtitles
Normal and slow speed
Multicamera views showing simultaneously the left and right hand
Animated on screen compas to teach you the precise timing
cajón accompaniment by Agustín Henke



Daniel Navarro Cruz "Niño de Pura", was born in Seville on 26 September 1966. In 1976 he began to take classes from teacher Manuel Lozano in Bellavista; this man later contacted his family to inform them of the extremely impressive qualities Daniel has with the instrument, and so they continued his training. But it's at twelve when Daniel decides to go to Sanlucar de Barrameda to receive classes from Manolo Sanlucar; with him Daniel acquires a quintessential technique and learns to feel, love and pamper the instrument differently. He very quickly experiences a major evolution, acquiring his own personality as a flamenco guitarist. Throughout his career Daniel has recorded 4 albums: "Capricho de Bohemia", "Caliente", "Maquida" and "Pozo y Caudal", and is currently preparing a new album as well as gaining several awards: 1st Prize Young Performers of Flamenco Guitar Competition at the III Biennial of Flamenco Art in Seville, 1st National Prize of Jerez de la Frontera and 1st "Bordón Minero" National Prize of the National Competition of the Union, the "Zipa de Oro" prize in 1985 awarded by the Colombian press, and in 1990 he achieved the: Giraldillo del Toque prize of the VI Biennial of Flamenco Art in Seville, considered the most important of flamenco prizes in Spain. It is with this award that, Niño de Pura decided to terminate his participation in competitions, having already won the most prestigious of Flamenco Guitar in Spain. Niño de Pura has performed solo in events and theatres such as London Albert Hall, Nimes Arena, Biarritz Casino, Villeurbanne Int' Guitar Festival, Conservatoire Royal de Musique in Brussels, Music Centre Vredenburg in Utretch, Teatro de la Maestranza and Teatro Central in Seville, and Teatro Alhambra in Granada. The rich and extensive career of this guitarist currently puts him at the forefront of flamenco guitar, both in composition and in concert guitar.

Niño De Pura (Seville, Spain)

"Hi, I am Niño de Pura and before we start our classes, I would like to say a few words. Many of us have wondered how to really master an arpeggio correctly, how to play rasgueados, how to hold our guitar…Those questions are quite common because, until now, there was no well defined school to learn it. We've always had less possibilities than the classical guitar and learned from those who went before us like Ramón Montoya, Niño Ricardo, Sabicas, Paco de Lucía, each handling the guitar in their own way. But now there is a well defined school to help you, a clear way to teach you that through my experience. I hope that my exercises, advice, tips, explanations will help you in resolving the issues we guitarists often have when we want to ask someone but do not have someone to ask. Let's start. Thank you".

Niño de Pura

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