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"Hi, my streaming bundle 'Guitarra Flamenca de Concierto' offers you an even simpler experience as if you are watching my DVD with the complete book, a truly impressive learning experience. Replay as often as you like anytime, anywhere, use for life".



8 VIDEO CHAPTERS (42 full screen HQ videos): Introduction and explanation. Technique pack with the 'Casablanca' exercise to sustain the chord until the harmonic ends, the 'Coimbra' exercise to make the melody stand out from the counterpoint, the 'Arpeggio' exercise to change the phrasing and the 'Apoyo anular' exercise to play with the dynamics adding an important accent with the third finger. Taranta composition A Cobitos from the CD Cordoba En El Tiempo. Composition Farruca Del Desconsuelo from the CD Anartista. Soleá composition Guadalcazar from the CD Adios Muchachos. Interview and final words.

158 A4 PAGES SHEET MUSIC AND TABS: Authentic transcriptions, written by Max Herzog, approved by José Antonio Rodríguez.

Spanish spoken, English subtitles
Normal and slow speed
Multicamera views showing simultaneously the left and right hand



1981 First Prize for Concert Flamenco Guitar at the XXI "Festival de Cante de las Minas de la Unión".
1982 First Prize for Concert Flamenco Guitar at the XI National Flamenco Guitar Contest of Jerez de la Frontera.
1984 Obtains the official academic title of Flamenco Guitar Professor at the Conservatory of Córdoba, being, already at an age of 20 years, the youngest flamenco guitar professor ever.
1986 National “Ramón Montoya” award for Concert Flamenco Guitar at the XI National Flamenco Art Competition of Córdoba.
1998 Presents his album "Manhattan de la Frontera" at the Flamenco Art Biennial of Seville.
2002 Composes the Ballet "La Leyenda", premiered by the Andalusian Dance Company at the Flamenco Art Biennial of Seville. Releases his composition "Alquimia".
2003 Receives the recognition award from his homeland Córdoba, dedicating the cultural week of the Peña Flamenca de Córdoba.
2005 Performs in Los Angeles with Jennifer López, Marc Anthony, Joaquín Cortés and Alejandro Sanz at the "Noche de los Niños" benefit gala for the Children's Hospital.
2006 Composes the original music of the play "Carmen" for the Ballet of Aída Gómez, premiered on September 3rd.
2007 Releases his CD and DVD "Córdoba…en el tiempo" with the record company Universal Music Spain.
2008 Receives the "Flamenco Hoy" national award for the best producer, best album of guitar accompaniment and finalist for the best solo guitar album.
2009 Participates in the audiovisual project "Encyclopaedia of flamenco", directed by Manolo Sanlúcar.
2012 Launches his album "Anartista", produced by himself with the support of Jordi Cristau and Domi Serralbo and the cooperation of Antonio Orozco, David DeMaria, Manolo Sanlúcar, Santiago Auseron, Carmen Linares, Vanesa Martin, Arcángel, Mafalda Arnauth, Carles Benavent, José Mena, Popo, Gere, Agustín Diassera, Jordi Cristau, Carlos Martín and Luis Aquino.
2016 and 2017 Launches his master classes for flamenco, produced by La Sonanta.

José Antonio Rodríguez

""Hello I'm José Antonio Rodríguez. By my obligation to my culture and flamenco, I want to pass on what time has taught me and what I've achieved throughout my career. With these new streaming classes, I present the authentic scores and high quality videos to learn my concert compositions. Above all, it's a serious work because flamenco nowadays has some very clear rules. This has been a comprehensive project involving a lot of people: transcription, cameras, production and me personally, through my music. I am really proud to be here with all of you, explaining and playing my music. Welcome, I hope my music is interesting, inspiring and enjoyable to all of you. Thank you! Let's start".

José Antonio Rodríguez

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