Calle Bolsa - Bulería (traditional)

”Hi, in this lesson, the phenomenon in contemporary flamenco music, Myrddin demonstrates us how to play his composition 'Calle Bolsa', a traditional buleria with lots of inspiring falsetas. Tuned in Eb (6th), Ab (5th), Db (4th), Gb (3rd), Bb (2nd), Eb (1st). Includes 20 A4 pages music sheets and tabs. Replay as often as you like anytime, anywhere, any device".



2 full screen HQ videos, English spoken
Normal speed and slow speed multicamera views showing simultaneously the left and right hand at a slow speed
20 A4 pages sheet music and tabs
High quality audio
Latest, awesome streaming technology



Myrddin, a technical virtuoso digging in deep emotions. Myrddin is a unique phenomenon in contemporary flamenco music. With his extraordinary interpretation of flamenco, merged with classical music and jazz, he moves every audience. His secret: technical virtuosity and harmony combined with deep emotions and sensitivity. After learning the flamenco fundaments from his father, Myrddin went to Spain to study with some of the greatest flamenco guitar maestros such as Gerardo Núñez in ‘94-’95-’96, Manolo Sanlúcar in ‘94-’95-’96, Enrique De Melchor in ‘95 and Rafael Riqueni in ‘95. After a while, Myrddin mastered a phenomenal, technical virtuosity but his primary concern remained to be the depth of music. Due to his versatility of musical styles and his never ending hunger to dig deeper into music, Myrddin created his own original, unique style of contemporary flamenco.

Myrddin flamenco guitar classes online videos sheet music and tabs

Myrddin (Belgium)

"Hello my name is Myrddin and I welcome you all here at the La Sonanta studios for my classes. We all know that the flamenco guitar is a very difficult style of music. I hope my classes will inspire you all and that you will find your own voice in the flamenco guitar. This is what I did all my life and will be doing…to find own things in the flamenco. Thank you!”.


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