Extras - Jose Manuel León

23 minutes of inspiring extras, José Manuel León solo life performing his Granaína an his inspiring seguiriya with his band ‘Sirimusa'. Replay as often as you like anytime, anywhere, any device.



Extra 1: José Manuel León solo life performing his Granaína
Extra 2: José Manuel León performing an inspiring seguiriya with his band 'Sirimusa': José Manuel Leon (guitar!, Alicia Carrasco (vocals), Kike Perdomo (sax), Martín Leitón (bass), Borja Barrueta (percussion), Nino De Los Reyes (dance).



As confirmed by musicologists, due to his directions of future flamenco guitar playing, José Manuel León continues the revolution driven by Paco de Lucía...precisely also from Algeciras. In April 2002, Jose performs with the trio of Gerardo Núñez and Carmen Linares at the Teatro Real in Madrid, presenting the album ‘Un ramito de locura’. In 2003 Jose records three themes on the disc ‘La Nueva Escuela de la Guitarra Flamenca’ produced by Gerardo Núñez. In 2003 Carmen Linares claims Jose to be the first guitar in their concerts featuring ‘Un ramito de locura’, performing in numerous international theaters. In 2005, like Vicente Amigo, Manolo Sanlúcar en Sara Baras, José Manuel León participates in the Carlos Saura movie ‘Iberia’, based on the figure of Albéniz, performing ‘Almería . Jose his album ‘Sirimusa’ was the revelation of the 2006 and 2007 season for critics and the media. The album ‘Sirimusa’ was premiered live at the Bienal de Flamenco 2006. Jose continues his collaboration with Carmen Linares in the 2007 festival de Jerez and festival en Málaga, also performing with artists such as Encarna Anillo. After presenting ‘Sirimusa’ at the Festival de Jerez in 2008 Jose collaborats with several jazz musicians and performs in a movie with Roque Baños. In 2012 he releases his socio-cultural production, ‘Mujer_Klórica’ with cantaora Alicia Carrasco, Carmen Linares, Tomasito, Diego Carrasco and jazz musicians such as Kike Perdomo, Martín Leiton and Borja Barrueta.

José Manuel León (Algeciras, Spain)

"Hi friends of La Sonanta, I am José Manuel León and I’m flamenco guitarist. I hope you gain a lot from my classes and music sheets, from my flamenco guitar and my art. I hope you like it. Let's start. Thank you".

José Manuel León.

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