Sevillana - Bundle Deal (10 videos)

"Hi, in this Sevillana bundle pack, Elena La Grulla demonstrates you all parts, all coplas of the Sevillana (compás, rhythm, arms and elements). This streaming bundle offers you the same, even simpler experience as if you are watching a DVD, a truly impressive learning experience. Includes guitar accompaniment, sheet music and tabs."


5 VIDEO CHAPTERS: Sevillana copla 1, copla 2, copla 3, copla 4, complete Sevillana, guitar accompaniment for each copla

SHEET MUSIC AND TABS: 12 A4 pages sheet music and tabs of the guitar accompaniment.



5 full screen HQ videos, with and without subtitles
Spanish spoken, English subtitles
Multicamera views showing simultaneously both the left and right feet
12 A4 pages sheet music and tabs of the guitar accompaniment included.
Replay as often as you like anytime, anywhere, any device
High quality audio
Latest, awesome streaming technology


Elena la Grulla

Flamenco dancer and instructor, Elena la Grulla, starts dancing at the age of 10 years. Already at an age of 16 she moves to Madrid Spain to study with great masters such as Alfonso Losa and Manuel Reyes Maya at the famous Spanish flamenco dance school 'Amor de Dios'. She has also followed regular classes and intense workshops by Manuel Betanzos, Joaquín Grilo, Concha Jareño and many others. At the international flamenco festival in Moscow ¡Viva España! Elena receives the award for best dance performance in 2011 and the 'Jury Prize' in 2012. In 2012 and 2013 Elena is honored twice to perform solo at the festival de Danza in Huesca (Spain). She regularly surprises us all with new creative projects performing with flamenco artists such as José Ligero, Patricio Grande, Antonio Segura and Antonio Paz.

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