Solea Bundle Deal (5 videos, 14 scores)

”Hi, in this flamenco guitar Solea streaming bundle, Max Herzog shows you how to play, in detail, 1st falseta, 2nd falseta, tremolo, ending (finale) and 10 Soleá variations. Includes 19 A4 pages scores and tabs. Replay as often as you like anytime, anywhere, any device". 


7 VIDEO CHAPTERS: Complete composition, 1st falseta, 2nd falseta, tremolo, ending (finale), Soleá compás 6 easy variations and Soleá compás - 4 intermediate variations
19 PAGES OF MUSIC SHEETS: 1st falseta, 2nd falseta, tremolo, ending or finale, 10 variations



7 full screen HQ videos, English spoken
Normal speed and slow speed multicamera views showing simultaneously the left and right hand
19 A4 pages sheet music and tabs
High quality audio
Latest, awesome streaming technology



Max Herzog studied flamenco guitar in the flamenco programme of the Conservatory of Rotterdam under the supervision of legendary flamenco master Paco Peña, and jazz guitar at the Hodeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. After completing his final exam at the Conservatory of Rotterdam in 2006 he directed his attention mainly towards the composition and arrangement of original modern flamenco guitar music. Parallel to his studies in Rotterdam, he attended the Christina Heeren Foundation’s flamenco programme in Seville and various master classes by Manolo Sanlúcar, Paco Serrano, Manolo Franco, Gerardo Nuñez and Juan Manuel Cañizares. As an accompanist he worked for dance workshops conducted by the internationally acclaimed dancers Belén Fernandez, Charo Espino and Angel Muñoz. Since 2006 Max conducted various transcription assignments, including for the Metropole Orkest and Vince Mendoza. The latter project resulted in the guitar score booklet of Vicente Amigo 'Campo de La Verdad' with flamenco guitar transcriptions of Vicente Amigo’s compositions. Today, Max Herzog regularly performs throughout Europe and USA working as a musician with established artists from different musical genres.

Max Herzog (Germany)

"Max Herzog has earned international recognition as one of flamenco guitar’s authentic new voices. Attuned listeners can hear inspirations of Paco Peña and Vicente Amigo in his work, but his exploring musicality makes him a free musician and composer beyond traditional flamenco guitar. After completing the Conservatory of Rotterdam under the supervision of flamenco guitar legend Paco Peña, the world wide distribution of guitar books of renowned spanish flamenco artists such as Vicente Amigo, Jeronimo Maya, José Manuel León and Niño de Pura, a series of popular tutorial videos and a long career in the concert circuit he released the captivating EP “Live in Fresno” in 2013, which features him solo as well as with his trio, gave a taste of his musicality in anticipation of his upcoming studio album. As a performer he was featured at Dunya Festival Rotterdam, Pact Zollverein Essen, Flamenco Festival Rotterdam, Zorro the Musical (Stage Entertainment/ Joop van den Ende Productions) and collaborated with the likes of DJ Lucien Foort (“The Shame”), Ilja Reijngoud, Stefka (NL), dancers Belén Fernández, Angel Muñoz (Paco Peña Ensemble), Isabel Bayon and Daniel Navarro (Vicente Amigo Group) and recently flamenco guitar virtuoso José Antonio Rodriguez from Córdoba. During his intensive study under some of the greatest living guitar masters and his diverse work as a professional flamenco guitarist, Herzog has succeeded in developing a recognizable and authentic musical language inspired largely by the guitar styles of Cordoba and Cadiz. Improvisation plays a vital part in Herzog’s musical approach and his performances captivate the lovers of the most diverse musical tastes.

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