Miguel Angel Cortes

"Hello! My name is Miguel Angel Cortés and it’s a real pleasure for me to be here and present to you my flamenco guitar classes. I'd like you to stay with me for a while to learn the way I play and feel flamenco. You will learn a broad range of the flamenco guitar: various pasajes, different types of marcar, pieces free from rhythm and llamadas para el cante (variations that precede and introduce the vocals). You'll also learn complete compositions from my last two CDs and pieces that have not yet been recorded. I hope this will be to your liking. In the first part, we’ll concern ourselves with the Soleá in different keys. Then, we’ll go over to the Tango de Granada. On the basis of this Tango you’ll learn the really personal type of marcar that originated in my region. Afterwards, we’ll play a few Bulerias, again in different keys. To begin with, so that you see everything clearly, I’ll play each piece slowly and then somewhat quicker. As regards tempo, I must point out the following with all emphasis: You have to select a tempo that’s just right for you. A piece can sound wonderful no matter whether it’s played very quickly or very slowly. The most important thing is that you make music out of it.”.

Miguel Angel Cortés

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